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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Maddie Doyle Maddie Doyle
Mark has been an excellent instructor. He has been patient even when I make the same mistakes. He explains clearly and calmly how to improve, to make me comfortable and confident when driving. Unlike some other instructors Mark wants you to be a safe, confident driver not only to pass the driving test. The LDC system provided extra support outside of lessons and helped understanding the steps of each manoeuvre.

Aliyah Kreft Aliyah Kreft
I would 100% recommend learning to drive with mark. He is very patient, friendly and reliable. He gives feedback on your driving in a constructive way, making you feel he has belief in you and truly wants you to do your best. Mark is easy to get along with and he tailors the lessons to your needs, asking what you feel you need to work on which is beneficial as you then have the chance to go over things you feel less confident about. Mark doesn’t push you into things you are not comfortable with, although he will encourage you to try new things. Thanks for the hours you have put into making me a safe and confident driver, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.

Annabel ForsdykeAnnabel Forsdyke
Passed first time
I am very happy to have learned with LDC. The teaching materials were very detailed with good visual aids. Mark is a very patient and thorough instructor and as a result I feel confident with driving in lots of real life situations.

Alexandra LeachAlexandra Leach
I highly recommend Mark Dodds for anyone that’s looking to start driving. If you are the type of person looking for a patient, helpful and reliable instructor this is the place to go! I’ve enjoyed every lesson I have had with Mark, he has helped me in the best way possible was always willing to go the extra mile to make sure everything thing was perfect. I will be forever grateful that I had such an understanding instructor as I wouldn’t be here with a full license today without him. Thank you Mark for your time and effort.

Shanaya Dosanjh Shanaya Dosanjh
I would really recommend this driving school to anyone out there who would like to obtain a driving licence. I’ve gained new driving strategies and techniques which have helped me become a safer driver on the road in all sorts of different traffic conditions. Mark has always been so professional and friendly, making driving a stress free experience. He is extremely patient, and when things go wrong, is always encouraging to help you improve. He does not just teach you to pass your test, but goes beyond this and teaches you how to be a safe driver for life. I am so grateful to LDC and to Mark for supporting me to obtain my license and to become a better, safer driver on the road.

Ashwin Dosanjh Ashwin Dosanjh
After a bad experience with another instructor and a failed test Mark went above and beyond to restore my confidence. His support, engaging and friendly attitude made him the perfect driving instructor. His experience was unmatched and allowed him to adapt his teaching techniques to allow my growth in skill. His commitment is unmatched, constantly bringing new resources that may benefit his students. An example being his newfound knowledge of calming pre test nerves through psychological techniques. Overall I would thoroughly recommend Mark Dodds to any learner. He was a great instructor who goes the extra mile to ensure you pass your test.

Christopher MarshChristopher Marsh
I think Mark is amazing, I’ve enjoyed every lesson I’ve had. Mark is great to get along with, he never pressured me to do anything I wasn’t ready for or felt comfortable with. He would wait until I felt ready and I feel this makes an incredible driving instructor, it made the whole experience enjoyable. I have learned loads and will take it all with me. I could not have wished for a better driving instructor.

Morgan DaviesMorgan Davies
I think mark is a really good instructor, very kind and genuine. I would most definitely recommend him to anyone. Mark has taught me a lot and helped me overcome many faults, definitely the best driving instructor I have come across. The course is really good, it helped me a lot. Especially during the massive backlog during covid, Mark has been very helpful organising driving lessons, with flexible hours and finding test dates. Also the LDC workbook Mark gave me was very helpful and gave me greater understanding of the topics we were learning.

Aidan Cleland Aidan Cleland
Passed first time
Mark was extremely helpful and made learning a fun experience. I felt well prepared for the driving test.

Hollie Dadson Hollie Dadson
Passed first time
I just wanted to start with a massive thank you for all of your help and support during my lessons, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you. Thank you for having so much patience in my lessons and making me feel at ease and not nervous. I will miss your jokes and my driving lessons on a Tuesday. See you on the road.

Chloe FishChloe Fish
Passed first time
Mark is an amazing instructor ! Always very chatty and willing to answer any questions and give advice. The LDC workbook given is a great help and a wonderful resource to have. I highly recommend Mark, Thank you. Examiner comments: the best drive I have seen in a long time, congratulations.

Evie LynchEvie Lynch
I was provided with information from the LDC driving skills workbook and used the official DVSA theory test app. Mark has been an excellent instructor with helpful and consistent teaching and advice. His style of teaching helped with my confidence and ability to fix mistakes when driving. The LDC workbook was extremely helpful in reflecting on lessons and preparing for my test. Overall Mark has been a great teacher who has made my experience of learning to drive a pleasant one.

Christopher GathChristopher Gath
Passed first time
Mark is a great instructor, providing high quality teaching in a friendly and relaxed manner. He helped me feel comfortable and at ease behind the wheel. It was my first time driving and as our lessons continued my confidence grew considerably. I’m very pleased to say with Mark’s help I passed first time. Thank you Mark!

Branwen BindraBranwen Bindra
Passed first time
The workbook was incredibly helpful when I first started learning how to drive. The reflective sections were useful to keep track of my personal progress, and helped with goal setting for each lesson. Mark’s website was great to help me prepare for the theory test. The practice questions helped me gain confidence before taking the test. Mark himself is an awesome teacher, he was incredibly patient as I struggled mastering gears for a while. He was always calm and we had great chats. In preparation for the test he made sure I was confident and prepared me for any potential scenarios that could come up. A fantastic instructor, I would highly recommend for anyone.

Madison Hunt
Before having mark as my instructor I was such a nervous driver. Mark helped me with everything and ensured I gained the confidence I needed. He is one of the best instructors around, so friendly, with great teaching methods and an all round lovely person. I highly recommend Mark to new drivers or anyone wanting their driving license.

Madison HuntMadison Hunt
Before having mark as my instructor I was such a nervous driver. Mark helped me with everything and ensured I gained the confidence I needed. He is one of the best instructors around, so friendly, with great teaching methods and an all round lovely person. I highly recommend Mark to new drivers or anyone wanting their driving license.

Alannah Fryer Alannah Fryer
I really enjoyed learning to drive with Mark. His teaching style is informal but reassuring and informative. Mark’s knowledge, experience and patience made me feel comfortable and confident. I would, and do recommend him to anyone wanting to learn how to drive.

Megan Kemp Megan Kemp
New found confidence
My instructor was amazing with me. I was so nervous but he helped me build my confidence and really took his time when teaching me. The student centred system worked great for me. I watched all the videos and they all gave me a better understanding. I would like to say thank you to Mark for getting me to where I am today.

Joe Bascombe Joe Bascombe
Passed first time
Mark is a great instructor. He was very patient when I made mistakes and helped me correct them, which helped my confidence. We started every lesson with a plan, this helped me achieve goals quicker and saved me time and money. The LDC workbook was a great way to to practice my skills outside of the lessons and prepare me for the theory and practical tests. I passed both first time and would 100% recommend Mark.

Derydon Domingo Derydon Domingo
Passed first time
Highly recommended for those who are planning to drive for the first time. Very patient with new drivers and always on time. Thank you.

Daniel Oakley Daniel Oakley
My driving instructor was a great teacher. Rather than telling me what I did wrong and explaining how to correct it, he got me to answer the questions myself. This helped my driving as I became more thoughtful towards how I was driving and realising any mistakes I had made, even when they were told to me directly later on. The LDC workbook was a useful tool to consolidate work done in lessons. It also helped me focus on what I needed to work on while driving as well as information useful for the practical driving test. The theory test preparation resources were beneficial in passing my theory test. The website was very easy to navigate and the hazard perception test and theory questions both helped me to become a safer and more proactive driver.

Keira Hanley Keira Hanley
Mark was very good at asking what subject I wanted to cover on each lesson. At the end of each lesson we recorded the progress I had made and where I could improve. This helped me to keep track of my progress and identify what I could do to improve further. Mark was very patient and taught my everything I needed to know to drive safely. Also we used LD workbooks which has pictures and diagrams of different situations which were very helpful if you are a visual learner.

Molly Boast Molly Boast
Mark is a great instructor, always very calm and kind. He is very patient and so helpful. I’m so thankful for all the help he gave me preparing for my test and encouraging me to become a safe driver for the rest of my life. I would 100% recommend Mark to anyone :-)

Andrew LockAndrew Lock
Perseverance pays off
I had 40 hours of lessons and two failed tests prior to meeting Mark. Mark was encouraging and a pleasure to share a car with, which was really helpful as a nervous and lacking confidence learner. Feedback was always constructive and provided points to focus on. Backed up by helpful review sessions at the end of each lesson. Mark’s attention to covid safety inspired confidence. The LDC system provided a useful way of reviewing my progress and refreshing my knowledge before the test. Thanks Andrew.

Jennifer Chen Jennifer Chen
Passed first time
I’ve had some experience driving with my husband many years ago. I started learning with Mark about 6 months ago and he did a great job of adapting my skill level. Mark’s approach made me feel confident when learning and helped me to understand where to improve my techniques. I’d highly recommend Mark’s services to anyone as a new driver or someone with previous experience. Couldn’t recommend enough.

Maddie RussellMaddie Russell
Passed first time
Mark is very helpful, he helped me get my confidence up and is very reassuring. Very happy with my lessons and will recommend 😀

Juliana Torres Esterpa Juliana Torres Esterpa
Passed first time
The LD workbook is really helpful to understand the correct and safe way of driving. My instructor was very patient and always helped my to be calm. He explained everything very well from the beginning and taught me good tricks that definitely helped me to pass my test. And will help me to be safe on the road.